Our role :
AVETCO challenges itself to succeed in all of its goals. For those who desire to commit themselves in the creation and realization of projects in agriculture, breeding, forestry, fishing and farm produce, AVETCO serves not only as a link between all the participants in the chain driving the success of your projects, but also serves as a source of reliable and essential information and advice.

Our objectives :
In the interest of developing your enterprise, AVETCO :

  • Assures the establishment of relations between the project developers and the companies that can turn the projects into reality.
  • Provide logistical support to assist the businesses to participate in trade shows and events abroad in the field of agriculture, fishing, animal production and health services.

Our principal mission :

  • Search for business partners.
  • Stablish business relationship.
  • Create business plans.
  • Guide businesses through the completion of their projects or partnership.
  • Organisation of professional trips.
  • Mission on international.
  • Advice with business regulations (registration of veterinary and pesticides products)
  • Local office representative.

Professionals shows partner :



CD 233, route de Bouchaoui, Ouled Fayet, Algeirs.
Tel. : +213 (0) 21 38 62 32/33
Fax : +213 (0) 21 38 62 29 - 38 70 58
E-maill : avetco@expovet-dz.net